2018……The Year Of The De-Clutter……

2018……The Year Of The De-Clutter……


I have got a lot of stuff – not in a hoarding yellowing copies of the Daily Mirror in the hallway sort of way – although I do have nearly 20 years worth of Homes and Gardens in my study! Why? and what do I do with them when its time to bite the bullet and get rid?

But in a 10 black sweater – 4 of them polo neck – sort of way.

I would love to open my wardrobes and cupboards and see nothing – or nearly nothing.  A couple of pairs of trousers in black or navy – 3 perfect white shirts – and a few co-ordinating cashmere sweaters…… Bliss.


Sheerluxe.com via pinterest

Or a desk containing my computer, a stylish pot for my pens and a couple of baskets, one containing day to day letters or papers ready for action.  The other books, magazines or newspaper cuttings waiting to be read. Not my sons’ GCSE french notes from 10 years ago or expired white goods insurance renewals.


Decluttering pic of tidy desk



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In my kitchen, in one cupboard there are 21 – yes 21 champagne glasses, and that doesn’t include those I keep for ‘best’. I could carry on, replace champagne glasses  for side plates or serving spoons or meat thermometers!


picture of crockery cupboard

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Why, beside my bed are there three unread magazines and 6 books, two which are about de-cluttering?!  Why doesn’t my bedside look like this?……


photo of bedside table

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As you get older you start to think that perhaps your forever home is getting a little large for just the two of you.  Thoughts of your children marrying and bringing grandchildren home looks like a distant reality, and you can count on one hand the rooms that you actually use – and on two the rooms that you don’t. I wrote about Empty Nesting in this post here,but before we could go anywhere we would have to have a massive de-clutter. And, this is the year!



Marie Kondo the high priestess of de-cluttering says that we should only keep things that bring us joy.  So I’ve decided to attack my wardrobes first.  I’m not sure that a lot of my clothes actually bring me ‘joy’! So will add to that criteria of keep or discard a very strict -‘no wear in the last year, you’re out’ – policy. I intend to start this weekend, so I’ll let you know how I get on.


Another area that needs urgent attention is in my pantry.  Yes, I know I’m very lucky to have one, but mine includes 4 large cupboards that I have no idea what they contain. So thats another job to add to my list.

Before putting my Christmas decorations away last week, I sorted and re-organised them. It gave me a great feeling of satisfaction and lightness, and in a strange way has spurred me on to start other rooms and areas.


2018 is the year of the de-clutter.  I hope to blog again soon with a progress report of how I’m getting on.  In the meantime……

Have a lovely day,








  1. January 4, 2018 / 10:11 pm

    Yes Liz! I am so with you on the declutter bus. I started earlier this year, (with the hope of gaining those pristine, organised wardrobes like you speak of) I did well, its looking far less cluttered. I then got no further! I promised myself I would do my kitchen cupboards over the christmas break, I did 2 of them. I am doing it this year. We CAN do it. High five declutter sista! haha xx

    • January 4, 2018 / 10:39 pm

      I’m definitely doing it this year, in fact I’m quite looking forward to it!
      Is it strange to want less?!
      Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading my blog. This is my very first comment and very exciting! x

  2. Jessica homeisacottage
    January 10, 2018 / 7:08 pm

    What a totally lovely post! You write beautifully Liz. I am really looking forward to finding out how you get on. I don’t know how bedside tables/pantries/desks can look like these pictures, but I often wish mine would too!

    • January 10, 2018 / 7:22 pm

      Thank you for your lovely comment.
      Don’t they say ‘only dull women have immaculate homes?! I think life and children and dogs and husbands get in the way of a perfectly curated home a la the internet. It must be a January thing, wanting to clear up and clear out!!
      Have a lovely evening.
      Liz x

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