I’m not sad, honest

I really feel like we’ve done our job.

But I’m now officially an ‘Empty Nester’.

My lovely boys – now men really – have both left home -working and living in London.

Of course, you may spend a little time missing them – sitting on their beds in their empty bedrooms, but then I did that when they left for university, and almost wishing that you had more ironing to do -oh, is that just me?  But now is the time to spread your own wings and start to think about doing all the things that you  never quite had the time or inclination to do in the past.


empty nest


New Chapter

There are so many things to look forward to now you have a new found freedom of sorts.

Here’s just a few……

Declutter……I’m still waiting for this urge to kick in.  We have so much ‘stuff’ – both ours and the boys.  I’m ashamed to say I could probably put my hands on GCSE french notes circa 2007.  Why?  Now really is the time to have a good clear out.  Why not hire a skip and really go for it.  I will if you will.

Reclaim your house……have you ever fancied a sewing room, a dressing room, or perhaps a photographic studio. You now have a room or rooms at your disposal.  You can always furnish the room with a sofa bed for when the cuckoos return for the weekend or holidays.

Move house……Why not? A pied de terre in London within walking distance of Sloane Square? An apartment on the Cote d’Azur? How many bedrooms do we really need?

Get fit……A contented family life may have meant not looking after yourself as well as you should. Start a new regime and discover the new you.  Walking, running, tennis, yoga, swimming.  The list is endless.  Joining a club is a great way to get fit and meet new people.

Start a blog……or a journal.  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting my teeth into learning a new skill and rediscovering my creativity. I’ll repeat what someone said to me the other day……”If I can do it , anyone can”  Just do it.

I’m looking forward to sharing my blogging  journey with you.

Leave a comment and let me know what plans you have made in your empty nest.


pink note book


Hope you have a lovely day,