Holiday packing……

I’ve had one of my brilliant ideas!!

Although I usually have this one the night before I go on holiday.  Why not keep my toiletries bag made up and ready to go?  Genius!! It would be one less thing to do and save the panic of looking for those all essential lotions and potions needed for a trip away.

So, in the name of blogging, research and looking ahead I decided to pack my toiletries bag so I’m prepared for the next time I can persuade Mr OGM to whisk me away.


The Essentials

Essential holiday items

Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash natch.

Buff Puff, shaver and Deodorant

Liz Earle travel pack This contains mini face cleanser, muslin face cloth, face mask, toner and moisturiser.  All in a handy travel bag and enough for a week or two away.


The Hair

Holiday hair products

Mini sized Charles Worthington Take Away shampoo and conditioner. Violet shade shampoos enhance silver hair and take away any yellowing caused by sunshine and chlorinated swimming pools.

Sisley samples of their new hair product range.  Shampoo, conditioner, serum and hair oil.Its an ideal time to try new things when you’re on holiday. Mind you, I had to rob a bank to pay for the sun products, so was very happy to receive the free samples!


The Sun-care

Holiday sun-care

Sisley  sun care is the absolute Rolls Royce of sun care. Unfortunately it comes with a Rolls Royce price tag!! is good…so if you are able to, it’s really, really worth the money.

Soltan After Sun  I love the Soltan range of After Suns.  This one contains insect repellent and I use it all the time when I run as it’s light and easy to apply and gives a little protection from midges and insect.  They also do one containing ‘tan enhancer’.  This is fake tan by another name – DO NOT FORGET TO WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER USE!!


The Nails

Holiday nail care

I always take a mini nail varnish remover and nail varnishes way with me.

I hate chipped nail varnish, and find that even a salon manicure doesn’t last the whole holiday.

My colour of choice? Something like a taupie grey brown for my toenails and a baby pink for my finger nails.  I like Chanel polishes as they seem to last.


The Makeup

Holiday make up

Mac eyeliner – this is bullet proof, stays on all day and saves me having to wear mascara which even if it’s waterproof doesn’t seem to stay.

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Moisture Balm – this can be worn on its own or under a foundation or tinted moisturiser.  Does what it says on the tin and gives a lovely glow.

Laura Mercier  tinted moisturiser – I use this at the beginning of a holiday, just to give me a bit of colour.

Nars cosmetics – this is called ‘The Multiple’ it can be used as a blusher, highlighter, on your lips or eyes.  In fact anywhere.

So, that’s it,  all packed and ready to go……now where did I put my passport !

Hope you have a lovely day,