Happy Birthday To Me……

Happy Birthday To Me……

Whoo…..hoo…it’s  my birthday today, and its a nine-ender.

You know, 29(I wish!), 39, 49, 59……

Research says that people approaching the last year of their 20’s,30’s,40’s,50’s were more likely to reflect on their lives and decide to make big changes such as running a marathon or have an affair.  Mind you I think if I was doing the former there is no way I’d have the energy for the latter!!

It seems that we ‘audit the meaningfulness of our lives as we approach a new decade in chronological age’ and are more motivated to take on big goals and challenges.

So, what about me?

Well I haven’t  reflected on my life or made any major life changing decisions – yet – give me a chance!!

I think my main priority as I enter my 7th decade is to just keep on trying to keep as fit and healthy as possible.

I’m going to try to take up Yoga (again!))  I seem to have a love/hate relationship with it.  I know its good for me, but I just find it really difficult.  Maybe I just have to find the right style of yoga for me.

girl in yoga pose


I want to keep running – stronger and faster.  I believe there are so many benefits of running, maybe there’s a marathon in me after all!!

Hands and Apple watch


There’s a good chance we’ll downsize, so that will be quite a big decision when it happens.  I’m not sure we’ll stay in this sleepy country village for ever – so a move nearer to London perhaps could be on the cards.


I really want to keep going with this blog.  I enjoy the writing side, but am not sure if I can put more of myself into it – as in selfies and pictures of our home.  That would be a real leap into the uncomfortable for me.  But you never know I might wake up one morning and just go for it!!

computer and tulips


So, its Happy Birthday to me!!  Who knows whats round the corner – I know we’ve just got to make the most of each day.

Have a lovely day,





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