January Blues……

January Blues……

It’s been a grim, grey start to the month.  We’ve had rain, snow and howling winds.

I think now’s the time to look for a few little treats to help us through to the end of the month.

A bunch of flowers……

It doesn’t have to be a big blousey bouquet.  A simple bunch of  tulips or daffs from the supermarket or garden will cheer up any room.



Open your christmas presents……

Were you given any perfumes, scented bath oils, or lotions or potions for Christmas?  Are they still in their wrappers or boxes?  I think today’s the day that you open them up and use them freely and daily.   These things are too lovely to keep for best.

Chanel boxes


Get outside……

It can’t rain all month. Wrap up warm and go for a long walk.  They say there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.  Grab your scarf and gloves and your pom pom hat and get outside.  If possible take a trip out of the ordinary – the beach, the woods, the park maybe? But if it has to be in town, then so be it. Just walk with purpose and  breathe in the fresh air.  It will do you so much good to be outside and if the sun does come out, what could be nicer than winter sun on your face?


Light a candle, turn on the the fairy lights……

I hope you didn’t take all the fairy lights down after Christmas. You can’t beat a little sparkle. I have candles lit all year.  And change them as the seasons roll by.  Heavier, earthy scents in winter, changing to lighter more floral through spring and summer.  But who cares if you’re still burning Christmas cinnamon, clove and winter berry. Use them!

picture of fairy lights


Book a treat……

Get something in the diary.  Book a spa treatment, lunch with a friend, cocktails or  a trip to the theatre or cinema.  Plan it, write it in the diary and look forward to it.  What can be better than laughing till you have tears running down your face to blow away the January blues.

Happy days


Or Splurge On Yourself……

You might be tightening your belt after Christmas, but a treat doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  A magazine, a book, new socks, a lipstick or nail varnish. You deserve it.

coffee and book


Join in……

January is a great time to start a new project.  An evening course, learn a language or skill. Join a gym(yes really) or running club.  Sing, dance, act, paint.  Release your hidden creativity.  You’ll meet new people and January will soon pass by.
the world is your oyster poster

We’re almost halfway through the month, the nights are getting ever so slightly lighter, snowdrops are appearing, we’re even getting the odd sunny day.  Roll on Springtime.

Have a great day,










  1. January 11, 2018 / 10:12 pm

    Some great points here, love them. I totally agree with you about opening the Christmas pressies, and I did this the other day when I was feeling poorly. I lit one of my new Jo Malone candles, in the middle of the day, just with me home to enjoy it, because I could. Lovely! xx

    • January 11, 2018 / 11:11 pm

      It’s been a funny old month. It might be the weather, but feel that everyone’s a bit low and wishing January away.
      I’ve decided not to keep anything for best. Roll out the Jo Malones!! xx

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