Simple Flowers……

Simple Flowers……


Isn’t it lovely at this time of the year, that a simple flower – now so easily available from a local florist or even the supermarket – can transform a room and lift our spirits.


pink hyacinth

Unknown image source sorry.


Sometimes  evocatively scented, like Hyacinths……


picture of three hyacinths



A sprig of Salix or pussy willow……


pussy willow in vase

greenlikebathwater via tumblr


A bunch or two of Tulips – everyones favourite……




And everyone has a favourite colour.  Mine’s pale pink, thank you for asking!


pink tulips

(Unknown image source – sorry)


Muscari or Grape Hyacinth……



Thegiftsoflife via tumblr

Or a colourful bunch of Daffs or Narcissi……



(Unknown image source-sorry)


paper whites


Spring blossom turns a simple bunch of flowers into something quite special……


blossom and arunculas


And of course I couldn’t resist the idea of bringing the much awaited Snowdrop inside……


snowdrops in a vase



Spring is definitely on it’s way.  Particularly, as for a few pounds or a rummage  round in the garden, we can bring a little bit of simple joy inside.


Have a lovely week,




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