Write a blog……How hard can It Be?……Part 1

Write a blog……How hard can It Be?……Part 1



Sitting on my iPad one recent rainy holiday, I stumbled again on the wonderful world of blogging.

“Do you know” I said to Mr Monday, “I think I could do that – How hard can it be?”


Ha!……How hard can it be?……

I like writing, and I send killer texts to my friends.

I’m always taking photographs on my iPhone.

I’m interested in lots of things I’m sure the rest of the world would be interested in. And, I love being at home, with visions of wafting round the house in my cashmere tracksuit a la Anna Wintour perfecting my art. Do you think she wears a tracksuit , ever?  No, me neither!

I have also dabbled with a blog a few years ago – basically lifting other peoples pictures and writing a few words round them.  But things have definitely moved on since then.

I am also, since giving up work in 1991 to have my children, probably unemployable.  So how wonderful to find something I believe I might be able to do – And – could I, could I make a small amount of money from it?


A clue to my first obstacle is the fact that I haven’t worked for over 25 years.  I am when it comes to the online world, technologically challenged.  Online shopping, school emails and the dreaded Daily Mail is as far as it gets.  Having a family that very much lives in the 21st Century, I have been very happy to let everything pass me by.

I am very much an old fashioned girl!


picture of a vintage keyboard


So……Where to start……

I should say that a few eyebrows were raised when I foolishly stated that I didn’t need/want any help setting up my blog.

How hard can it be, right?……

If you’re reading this you are probably completely au fait with how to set up a blog.

Choose your name –

Register and get hosting for your blog. Get online.

Customize your blog and make it look attractive and readable.

Write and publish your first post.

Promote your blog – use social media to get more people to read your blog.

Woah…… There’s that first hurdle again.

In part 2 I’ll tell you the how I fought and hopefully won over this mine field of setting up a blog.  It has been very slow and definitely not pretty, has involved a lot of tea and swearing,  but hopefully I’m getting there.


Have a lovely day,



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